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Below are several Fresh Start FAQ’s for you:

FAQ: How much advance notice do you require to schedule an eviction?
A. 24-Hours Notice is required; however, we can accommodate short-notice requests as well! Please give us a call.FAQ: Is there a cancellation fee in the event an eviction is cancelled? If so, please explain.
A: Your Fresh Start Representative will assist you with understanding the cancellation fee. The circumstances are too varied to list here.

FAQ: I own a commercial property and I need to schedule an eviction, do you perform evictions for commercial properties?
A. Yes, Fresh Start performs both Residential and Commercial Eviction Services.

FAQ: Will the rate for my scheduled eviction change after the service has been completed?
A. Your flat-rate will be provided prior to the service being performed. If there are any changes, you will be notified prior to the start of the additional services.

FAQ: What happens with the tenant’s personal property once the eviction is completed?
A. Once the property is removed from the unit, it is the tenant’s responsibility to retrieve their items.

FAQ: What is the Landlord’s responsibility?
A. After the prescribed time expires, which varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction ( DC, VA, MD) it is the landlord’s responsibility to have the unwanted remaining items removed from the public right-of-way. Each jurisdiction has regulated ordinance laws, which are enforced by their local code enforcement agency.

FAQ: Who do I call to remove the unwanted / abandoned items?
A. FRESH START JUNK REMOVAL SERVICES, which we operate as well! No need for a second call-we will take care of you and all your needs!……We will provide the eviction clean-up services and the rate depends on what is left behind. Your on-site Fresh Start Representative will assist you with this.

FAQ: Is there an additional charge for cleaning service (maid service)?
A. Yes. Our cleaning service rates start at $300.00. We can provide an on-site estimate once the eviction process is complete.

FAQ: Who is responsible for securing the property, once the tenant is gone?
A. The Landlord. It is the responsibility of the Landlord to change the locks. In fact, the local authority (Sheriff, Deputy Marshal) will ensure that the lock changing is completed before they depart. Fresh Start offers this service FREE to our Residential Clients, please ask us for more details.

FAQ: Are you able to properly secure the property with additional locks?
A. Yes. We provide additional locks to suit your needs. Please see the corresponding State page for Hardware rates. Each residential property eviction comes with one lock change, per unit, at no additional rate.

FAQ: What type of bags does Fresh Start provide?
A. We provide the required 42 gallons (3mil) trash bags (contractor grade)

FAQ: Does Fresh Start provide receipts after service?
A. Yes, we provide an E-receipt once the payment is made. No handwritten receipts.

FAQ: How long will my eviction take to complete?
A. Fresh Start cannot guarantee a completion time for an eviction because every eviction is unique and we have no control over the process. We are under the supervision of the Sheriff / U.S. Marshal when performing our services and therefore must exercise good judgement and offer our experience to expeditiously get the job done to avoid our customer any additional stress or delays.

FAQ: Is there a security deposit to request your services?
A. No, security deposits are not required. We accept payments in full once the job has been completed.

FAQ: Do you charge by the hour?
A. No, we do not charge an hourly rate for our services. Every client is provided a FLAT RATE-no surprises!

*Exception: If for some reason your eviction extends beyond the first 1.5 hours there is a surcharge of 25% per hour

FAQ: What may cause the eviction to go beyond the 1.5 hour?
A. The property may have excessive property (hoarder conditions) to remove; a Landlord/Tenant dispute over money owed; removal of firearms from the property; removal of animals from property (dog, snakes, cats, birds, fish -yes); and/or a minor/elderly tenant present at the property. Child protective services will be required for minor children present and assistance will be required for Senior Citizens who may need shelter or medical attention.

Do you have an additional question for Fresh Start Eviction Services that you do not see above? Feel free to click the contact us section and send us a message.